Noriaki Tanimura
Born in Kyoto, Japan in 1988.
Many of his art works are“Yokai (Japanese supernatural creatures)” style and ink blush painting and his activities cover not only Japan but also overseas.
He also works on advertisement, planning, Website, exhibition planning and collaboration with companies/brands.
・EXILE presents CREATOR BATTLE AUDITION - Finalist 2013
・The 81st Mainichi Ads Design Award - Award for Excellence 2013
・The Global Awards - Finalist 2016
・Coloring VOGUE Instagram Award - Award for Excellence 2016
・Selected as one of the top 40 artists for MONSTER Exhibition 2017
・The 27st Kyoto Ads Creative Award - Award for Excellence 2017
・Selected for 200 Best Illustrators worldwide 18/19
・Young Lions Health Award - Shortlist 2018
・Tambuli Awards / Health and Wellness - GRAND PRIX 2018
・Tambuli Awards / Print ‒ Silver 2018
・AD STARS / New Stars AD Competition ‒ Silver 2018
・AD STARS / Outdoor ‒ Bronze 2018
・Selected for GOOD DESIGN AWARD 2018
・Selected for Creative Floor Healthcare Awards 2018
・Epica Awards / Health & Beauty ‒ Silver 2018
・Clio Health Awards / Health & Wellness / Direct / Innovation / Public Relations ‒ Shortlist 2018
・AME AWARD 2019 Direct & Collateral/Healthcare/Low-Budget/Gold, Print/Bronze
・Dubai Lynx 2019 Healthcare/Bronze
・Young Lions Competion 2019 Medeia/Shortlist
・Young Lions Health Award 2019/Shortlist
・Brandingi n Asia/One Under 30: Young Creative Spotlight
Motoki Sado
As web director, website, application, information design, UI / UX design experience. Also,
I have been involved in the event planning, design planning etc. regardless of the field.